Actions against Piracy sites in Australia.

20 Dec, 2016


Australian copyright holders were also suffering from pirate sites.  So it happens in Australia that they make some changes in the law. In the ruling that was handed down by the Justice John Nicholas, pirate websites like The Pirate Bay, Solarmovies,Torrentz , Iso Hunt ,TorrentHound and many other websites, mirrors were ordered to block by the ISP’s. Telstra , TPG and Telstra are some major ISP’s in Australia. This take quite long time to make changes in law and it was quite controversial though.   Now it is clear that any kind of loophole through which traffic can go to these websites should be close to protect right shoulders. It was said by the Federal Court that if someone is affected by these blocks they should come to the court and appeal about to overturn these blocks.  

It was stated by the court that he/she should explain how these blocks are affecting him, of course no pirate site owner that is not residing in Australia would go there to prove his innocence. It was totally clear by the court that when such sites would be blocked different kind of proxies and mirror may come, so they surely have plan about this matter. They make policy to deal with such issue in quite streamlined manner.  Now copyright holders should make a list and tell to the court that these sites are affecting their business, then court will order to the ISP’s to take strict actions against these site in 15 days.