Australians Fair Use of Geo Blocking Discussion is Going on.

23 Dec, 2016

In the start of 2016 Australia’s  Productivity commission have released a draft report that was covering some aspects of country’s intellectual property. In the commission it was recommended that  Australian government should allow access to the international content which is being blocked.  It was said that Australian copyright system is well expanded over last year now new system of copyright should released, which must have introduction and exception of nice use of access of international content.

Last Summer copyright holders have fought back well and they said that fair use of access will also create negative effects and it would must have  threats in it. Licensing is not the  exceptions for copyrights, as innovation can be achieved by licensing between content owners and users.  IFIP is standing with their argument with new campaign.  According to the last report sent to the government commissioner stayed unmoved. It was written in report that right shoulders have argued that such kind of fair use will  create uncertainties which are not predictable and would have bad effect on different  intellectual copyright holders.  The commission said that with passage of time both parties will understand which is fair and not fair in their context.  They have mentioned about four factors, that should be considered, first is purpose and character of use. Secondly what is the nature of copyright material. The amount of used part and effect of use on the potential market. Lets see what will be the outcome of this ongoing discussion.