Big Giants Extra Torrent is under DDOS and TPB is Down.

28 Dec, 2016


The big giants of piracy are facing problems, Pirate Bay and extra torrent. The Pirate Bay is down from few days while extra torrent is facing DDOS attacks from several days.  It might be the consicounses of site recently ban from unofficial proxy services.  Extra Torrent have received one of the most shaking weekend in the history of 10 years.  It was observed that site was under DDOS attack so when people are busy in celebrating Christmas site officials are busy to keep site alive.  One of the officials from torrent have informed that site have received tons of DDOS attacks in last few days and Cloudflare is also not helping them. As they are receiving millions of request from US every hour.

It was said and observed that site have do some counter measures in order to save website from attacks. They have removed the login functionality of the new users so new users should not sign in and they also added some protections like mirror and proxy site. Few days back an email was received which was threating about attacks, so that’s happening now. So it was seemed that threats were real but mangers were able to keep site running. They also took some measures in response to that email, It was stated that extra torrent is still under high load  but its servers are able to manage that load. It is not confirmed that whether The Pirate Bay is also dealing with the ongoing DDOS attacks or there is some other kind of problem but TPB crew already knows that there website is down and they are doing the counter measures.