Big Year for the Torrent Lovers.

30 Dec, 2016


If you recall then 2016 was the most disturbing year for the torrent users. In the last several months the biggest giants of Torrents are vanished away from the world of internet. 2016 is considered real bad year for the torrents. About total 3 websites are now offline those were counted in the top 10 torrents.  Kickass torrent , torrentz and  are now not active websites.  Let’s talk about what happened with these websites last year.

KickAss Torrent:

Kickass torrent was taken down when Artem Vaulin was arrested by the Polish police in July. This arrest was done under the US criminal case while two other key persons were also arrested. Kickass Torrent was the most used torrent website. The arrest of the Artem Vaulin come up with the taking down of the KAT. Artem Vaulin was also in hospital and his case is going on. There were also multiple copy of the websites appeared after KAT was down.



After loss of KickAss torrent the torrent lovers get another shocking news when they come to know that torrentz is also taken down. Without any kind of warning the site was removed from the search list. The site was closed with a message that was Torrentz will always loves you Farewell.


Torrenthound was the another famous torrent website that was removed from the list of top 10 torrent site.  This site was taken down unexpectedly and later own an official statement was given by the owner that due to less generation of revenue they removed it.

Now 2016 is going to end and the unexpected situation is left for the next year. What would be the stories for torrent lovers and users.