China is Doing Progress in Internet Piracy.

26 Dec, 2016


China having the biggest population in the world and it is the market of quite big things. US says that China is still available for pirate venues but China said that there campaign from April is giving some result.  According to them there campaign about shutting down such websites have come with the result of shutting 290 website , those are also fined for illegal downloads.  33 other cases related to games have also ended up with court.

A campaign was launched with the name of Jian Wang 2016 on July 2016 by China State Copyright Administration and some other departments.  This campaign was launched for taking down infringing content on internet from the domains working in China. According to Government  of China they are targeting unauthorized and illegal digital content available on the internet which is violating intellectual property and copyrights law.  Cloud storage is major cause of the online piracy now in China their biggest company Qihoo 360 have announced that they are going to cease accounts of private citizen as it is playing quite big role in internet piracy.  Government said that Qihoo3 360 will wipe  all of private user data until Feb 2017.  This week it is claimed by Jw2016 that they have collected 467000 dollars as fine from 514 cases about copyright infringements.  According to them 290 website involved in piracy are taken down. China said that they are making progress in internet piracy. On the other hand US officials said that Beevideo is working from China. USTR also said about registration of 2300 illegal pharmacies but it was responded that domain registrars don’t have any relation with hosting content.