Extra Torrent Is took step to handle leeching proxy site.

20 Dec, 2016


Extra torrent is one of the big giant of torrents on internet.  Extra torrent was blocked before but now its working. Different Proxy sites use their bridge to go to Extra torrent through this they can steal traffic of extra torrent and also their revenue. Extra torrent is always taking steps to stop these kind of proxy websites. On the other side extra torrent users always welcome the website through which they can by pass the ISP blockades. In number of multiple countries ISP’s are ordered to block pirate site, this blocking of pirate site is good news for proxy site owners.  These proxy sites allow users to access the blocked sites. Different pirate site owners have different view about these proxy sites, some of them are happy with these proxies and some of them don’t like them.

Extra torrent owners are owing multiple proxies sites like Extra.to, but lot of traffic also goes through other  proxy sites.  Extra torrent operators said that they have built the protection against such proxy sites.  They do it by modifying the procedure through which their content was loaded.  They said that no one can steal extra torrent traffic and users of extra torrent would be safe, they don’t have any harm they might get from such kind of proxy sites. Most of the part of the website is encrypted and it can only be decoded by users browser through java scripts. Extra torrent official proxy still works but other proxy sites will not work there.  Operators said that 90 % of proxies are not working now but if some of them are working they will also be dead soon.