Most Torrrented Movie of the year 2016 is Deadpool.

30 Dec, 2016


2016 is just in the last breath. In this year we find out the most downloaded movie from the torrent and it comes out that Dead pool is in the top of the list.  As people search through different torrent sites to find out the pirated edition of newest blockbuster movie. It was observed that Deadpool comes top of the list, the pirated copies of this movies were showed in February. Millions of downloads get started in that month and later, until today this movie is having thousands of downloads and sharing. It was observed that comic and superhero movies are doing good.  Batman Vs Superman , Captain America and X-Men are down the list.

Finding Dory was also not out of the list as this movie has most ticket sales in the box office, while surprisingly Independence Day Resurgence un expectedly comes to the top 10. On the other hand Zootopia was not there but it was the third best movie worldwide this year.  A list of most torrented film in 2016 was released by the famous website, in which they also compare the grosses of the movie and some other statics too.  Deadpool  worldwide grosses was calculated and it was about 783,770,709 dollars.  Secondly Batman vs Superman was about 868,160,194 dollars. While Captain America Civil War was total grosses was 783,770,709 too.  The least grosses of the movie  was 387,644,286 for independence day . While Finding Dory grosses was highest this was about 1,022,701,881.  While star wars  was having grosses of 783,770,709. Let’s see which movie will hit the roof in next year.