New Plans By Kodi Addon Repository for 2017.

28 Dec, 2016


You must know little bit familiar with Kodi devices, Kodi device software is totally legal but some of the addons make them a heaven for those who want to watch different channels illegally. Now this they have revealed there planes for 2017, they said they are going to streamline the entire Kodi addon experience while emphasizing on the legal addons too. The illegal addons developed by third party developers made it easy for those who want pirated content in the bedrooms.  These addons are the most largest repository of the Kodi. Eleazar from TV addons was interviewed about the upcoming 2017 plans he said that they never tried or considered themselves to provide a way to user to any pirated content, there are also many addons those are used for accessing licensed and legitimate content.

He also mentioned about the addons lie USTV now, BBC iplayer, FilmOn and Earthcam. He added that we make the open source free content in order to provide our use more confidence on our addons. He said that reducing these illegal addons must not be there and they are gonna emphasis  on  the legal addons in next year. He said that they are going to provide more legitimate addons in respect of developer and user. In 2016 it was quite famous year for Kodi devices, as many of the Kodi devices with illegal addons were on ebay, and some android boxes too. Some of the seller also got arrested.  He said these kind of people also makes number of promises later they can’t keep them thus the company got affected. 2017 would be the big year for Kodi.