Piracy Heavens are being Targeted by US Governemt.

23 Dec, 2016


Anti-piracy groups are quite active these days, Uk and Us are continuously taking strict action against pirate sites.  Unites States Trade Representative have listed more the  dozen of pirate sites.Now Us Government have announced the list of some big piracy websites, USTR was called to foreign countries to take strict actions against these kind of sites. The Pirate Bay is mentioned as it is considered to be the symbol in Piracy.  USTR took overview after taking input from MPAA and RIAA.  After reviewing report USTR said that goal for sharing this list is to motivate owners to and responsible to take actions against such sites to reduce piracy.  The Pirate Bay is considered as the main offender.

USTR have mentioned The Pirate Bay as it is continually facilitating downloads to people, they have mentioned about site importance and resilience.  Some of the famous torrent site working these days was also mentioned such like Extra Torrent, Rutorrent and 1337X.  Stream ripping was also considered as threat they have mentioned that Youtube-MP3 .org would be the big concern for copyright holders in future. Additionally USTR have mentioned about the list of hosting those are like heavens for pirate sites.  Swiss company private layer was mentioned in list and US wants that Switzerland must make new legislation to take some kind of actions against pirate sites.