Water Mark of Legit Site on the Cam Copy of Bad Santa 2.

26 Dec, 2016


Very happy returns of the day to the all of the Christian community and over reader and its Christmas once again. We wish next year would be full of joy for you. 2016 was not so much positive year as it was full of negativity and there were not so much positive reports this year. We have decided not to spoil any of your holiday and Christmas, so we are not going to report any bad incident for next 48 hours. Sometimes strange things happen in this world, some truly strange thing happens in the internet world too. We are going to give you a mystery that you need to solve. This time strange thing happens with us when we have found a watermark of “Torrent Freak” on the cam copy of Bad Santa 2.

As we all know torrent  freak is famous site reporting about internet piracy and other related topics. A pirated movie with cam print was received to the officials of torrent freak which make them stunned. In that copy a watermark came on the whole screen after few minutes of starting. As water marks are places in the movies and legitimate videos to make it copyrighted content but Torrent Freak don’t have any relation with any kind of such activity.  According to Torrent Freak officials they don’t have any idea about this. They said that they are contacting some sites owners to find out who is behind this but they are not able to find about it. This water mark scroll up word and then vanishes away. Can you solve this mystery in your free time of holidays?